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Station Area Planning Presentation

Station area planning presentation
These slides provide a brief introduction to station area planning, what it is and why it’s important.

Planning for Health in Your Station Area

Planning for health in your station area


63rd Avenue/Bottineau Boulevard Land Use and Transit Oriented Development Plan


Bottineau Transitway Station Area Pre-Planning Study

This study provides Bottineau Corridor stakeholders with a foundation of objective information to build upon during future station area planning. Existing corridor conditions (demographics, land use, employment, housing, etc.) are noted. A corridor-wide vision is proposed so that stakeholders from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests can have a shared set of goals from which to make decisions. Station typologies provide a framework for understanding the desired character of future station areas. Best practices for transit-oriented development planning advise local planners of what has worked in similar communities with similar issues. Finally, a community engagement plan identifies under-represented populations and makes recommendations for including them in corridor decision making.

To download individual chapter files, click on the links below:

Table of Contents and Executive Summary

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Transit Oriented Development Background
Chapter 3 – Existing Corridor Conditions
Chapter 4 – Corridor Vision
Chapter 5 – Bottineau Corridor Station Area Typologies
Chapter 6 – Planning Best Practices for the Bottineau Corridor
Chapter 7 – Community Engagement Plan
Chapter 8 – Recommendations
Appendix A1 – Station Area Conditions Analysis
Appendix A2 – Demographic Review
Appendix A3 – 63rd Avenue Station Analysis
Appendix B – Typology Case Studies
Appendix C – Corridor Maps
Appendix D – Visioning Workshop Notes


Minneapolis and Golden Valley residents weigh in on future LRT station area planning
In August 2013, residents of Golden Valley (August 15) and Minneapolis (August 20) had a chance to provide input that will help guide future planning around station areas for the proposed Bottineau light rail transit (LRT) line. One meeting was held in each city and was jointly hosted by the city, community leaders and Hennepin County staff. These events were held to share information on the status of Bottineau LRT planning and to have a conversation around community priorities and concerns for the proposed LRT stations in these cities. The conversations will help inform an upcoming planning study for the station areas, which is expected to begin in late 2013 or early 2014.

The following are summaries of themes heard at these meetings and in a related online survey.

Golden Valley stationsGolden Valley stations 

Minneapolis stations Minneapolis stations


63rd Avenue/Bottineau Boulevard Land Use and Transit Oriented Development Plan


Station Area Planning Fact Sheet 05 29 13 (0.2 Mb)



63rd Avenue/Bottineau Boulevard Land Use and Transit Oriented Development Plan


Bottineau Station Area Typology Matrix, July 2012

Planners in the Bottineau Corridor developed this Typology Matrix to help identify when and where planning and implementation activities may be needed to support transit-oriented development in the Bottineau Corridor station areas. A Typology describes a station area according to measurable conditions and qualitative knowledge such as access/connectivity, land uses, potential for change, and equity concerns. This information can help shape expectations and guide objectives for policymakers, developers, community members and other corridor stakeholders. More detailed information on the Bottineau Typologies is available here.


The Bottineau Land Use Planning Framework


Bottineau Land Use Planning Framework, February 2012 (8 Mb)

The Bottineau Land Use Planning Framework is intended to guide land use planning over the next several years in the neighborhoods surrounding the Bottineau Transitway stations. When station areas are planned to serve the community, they provide residents with better access to housing, employment, education, business, services, recreation, and entertainment. Strong pedestrian, bicycle, bus, and vehicle connections to transit stations offer residents more transportation choices, and memorable public spaces create a sense of place and community. Community involvement is crucial to the success of these efforts, so please watch the website for opportunities to participate in the Bottineau planning process.


63rd Avenue/Bottineau Boulevard Land Use and Transit Oriented Development Plan


63rd Avenue/Bottineau Boulevard Land Use and Transit Oriented Development Plan, April 2011 (16.5 Mb)

The 63rd Avenue/Bottineau Boulevard Land Use and Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Plan explores how TOD could provide long term value to the community through improved livability and increased economic development. This report was commissioned by Hennepin County and the City of Brooklyn Park and published in April 2011.








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