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Guidance and Decision Making

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The decision making process for the Bottineau Transitway takes into consideration the results of technical analysis, and input from the public, study committees and government agencies along the corridor.

The identification of a locally preferred alternative (LPA) mode and alignment progressed through a number of steps as indicated in the graphic below. An LPA was adopted into the Metropolitan Council’s regional Transportation Policy Plan in 2013.

Metropolitan Council is a partnering agency with the Hennepin County Regional Railroad Authority (HCRRA) on the project’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement (Draft EIS) and will have Bottineau responsibility for future construction and operations of the Bottineau Transitway. The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has served in a review and advisory role throughout the Draft EIS process, and will continue to do so throughout future stages of the project. It is expected that the Bottineau Transitway project will apply for federal funding under the FTA New Starts program near completion of the Draft EIS. See the Alternatives Analysis Summary Report (21 Mb) for more detail on the development of transitway alternatives.

Decision Making Process Diagram



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