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2011-2012 DEIS Scoping Documents

Scoping is the process of determining the content of the Draft EIS. The purpose of Scoping is to confirm the purpose and need for the project, identify appropriate alternatives that could address project needs, focus on potentially significant issues that should be studied in the Draft EIS, and eliminate issues that are not significant and/or have been addressed by prior studies.


  Scoping Decision DocumentScoping Decision Document Scoping Decision Document AppendicesScoping Decision Document
(16 Mb)
Scoping Comments DocumentScoping Comments Document
  Scoping BookletScoping Booklet Scoping Comment FormComment Form Watch the scoping video.Watch the EIS Scoping Video
Committee Scoping Input and Updated Technical Analysis Results

The following documents include technical analysis updates completed since the public Scoping period ended (February 17, 2012) along with Bottineau Transitway Draft EIS presentation slideshows, Scoping input, and Scoping recommendations provided by Bottineau Transitway Draft EIS committees.

  Scoping Input  
  Technical Analysis Updates

Committee Input/Resolutions

  Alignment A-B Comparison Matrix Final CAC Scoping Input to PAC
  Alignment D1-D2 Comparison Matrix Final ARCC Scoping Input to PAC
  Mode LRT-BRT Comparison Matrix PAC Scoping Decision Resolution
  Alignment A-B Comparison Memo  
  Alignment D1-D2 Comparison Memo HCRRA Board Action
  Mode LRT-BRT Comparison Memo HCRRA Scoping Decision Resolution
  Committee Presentations Scoping Decision Document
  PowerPoint Presentation at April 19, 2012
CAC Meeting

Scoping Decision Document (1 Mb)

  PowerPoint Presentation at April 23, 2012
PAC Meeting
Appendix A (0.1 Mb)
Appendix B (15.2 Mb)
Appendix C (2.7 Mb)
Appendix D (1.4 Mb)

Scoping Comments

The following documents contain copies of all comments received during the Bottineau Transitway Scoping process. Comments are categorized into written comments received, and oral comments recorded at Scoping Open House meetings. Written comments are organized by residents’ city of origin, or by other entities offering comments including corridor cities, organizations, resource agencies and other stakeholders.

  Written Comments Oral Comments
  Brooklyn Park Residents (1.7 Mb) Open House #1 – Theodore Wirth Chalet (0.6Mb)
  Maple Grove Residents (0.6 Mb) Open House #2 – Brooklyn Park (0.2 Mb)
  Golden Valley Residents (4.6 Mb) Open House #3 – UROC (0.7 Mb)
  Robbinsdale Residents (6.7 Mb) Open House #4 – Robbinsdale (0.5 Mb)
  Minneapolis Residents (4.6 Mb)  
  Residents of Other Cities (1.4 Mb)  
  Residents from Unknown Locations (3.5 Mb)  
  City Elected Officials (2.4 Mb)  
  Organizations (1.6 Mb)  
  Resource Agencies (0.5 Mb)  
  Other Stakeholders (0.4 Mb)  
Scoping Meeting Exhibits

Click on the links below to download PDF files. You will need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to see these files. Some of these files are large and may take some time to download depending on your internet connection speed.

  Overview/Input Process/Timeline
  Issues to be Covered Alternatives Evaluation Process
  Twin Cities Regional Transitway System Timeline of Previous Bottineau Transitway Studies
  Why the Bottineau Transitway Project EIS Schedule and Milestones
  Scoping Meeting Handout  
  Alternatives Cultural Resources
  Universe of Alternatives Overall
  Build Alternatives North End
  Alignment A Aerial Center
  Alignment B Aerial South End
  Alignment C Aerial
  Alignment D1-D2 Aerial
  Robbinsdale Alternatives
  Penn Ave Alternatives


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